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Cure Testing - M.E.K rub test is an industry approved test to ensure that our applied coatings are properly cured.

Conical Mandrel Test- The varying mandrel diameter ( 1/8 to 1.5 inches), stretches a coating through a gradient of distention allowing precise determination of adhesion characteristics ( standards ASTM D522, D1737)

Proper adhesion is also confirmed by Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing with is regularly administered as per ASTM D33J9.

It should be noted that laser cut material should be mechanically cleaned to remove any carbon deposits as these deposits will inhibit proper adhesion.

Impact Testing- H&G's universal impact tester Model 172 provides a range of operating capabilities which meets or exceeds specification ASTM D2794.

Gloss Meter- The overall appearance of a product is influenced by colour and gloss. A sample of the same colour that has a higher gloss is perceived as being darker! H&G understands it is imperative to test for gloss, monitor oven temperatures and cure times ( meets ASTM D523, D2457)


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