"Quality, As Measurable As Excellence"

H & G is certified ISO 900:2015. Our certification # is CAN2297, certified in 2004.

We define Quality as a measurable degree of excellence. We implement quality control systems such as SPC as means of monitoring Accept/Reject levels. We have the means, processes & necessary testing equipment to measure quality as determined in a quantitative value that is non-subjective. Over the last five years our internal reject rate of 1.62% exceeds our goals and validates our processes. Our external reject rate of 0.0014% re-affirms our processes and inspectors.
Our Quality and Production teams utilize individual process sheets within the plant, line workers can visually identify important aspects of each production run. ie, packaging, hook location, critical powder areas, process temperatures and pressure parameters are all per-determined, dictated & documented prior to production runs ( You don’t know what to do if you don’t know what you’ve done). The result is that our customers can expect the exact same quality that is measured, visual, repeated consistent from one production run to the next.

Trace ability is vital to a quality system. H & G has the ability to track every shipment, enabling root cause analysis. Bar code abilities available