What We Do For You

We have two overhead conveyor powder lines with both automatic and manual capabilities gives H & G flexibility and capacity.
Product dimensions are 144”long 80” high and 40” wide 400 lbs.


H & G’s 50′ stainless steel 5 stage high pressure wash was designed to ensure all of our customers products receive superior pre-treatment.
Stage One degreases the substrate (steel, aluminum, cast) subjecting it to between 60-90 seconds (optimal) of intense cleaning. This allows for a cleaner substrate resulting in a surface which the Iron Phosphate can “etch” correctly and improve the bonding of the powder. H & G’s third stage is maintained at under 200 parts per million followed by by a halo inlet system. The final rinse stages typically operate at less than 5 parts per million. If any contaminants are left on the parts surface, it will affect bonding and powder distribution. H & G’s superior rinse system ensures this does not occur.

Sub Assembly

H&G goes beyond simply providing exceptional quality coatings. H&G specializes in the sub-assembly process from bar coding, stickers, labels, casters and nuts and bolts assembly. All of these processes are clearly and explicitly illustrated on individual process sheets, enabling all H&G team members to provide consistent and accurate operations.
Whether completed on the conveyor line or in the warehouse, H&G has the trained labour force to increase efficiencies in your operations.

Tooling and Masking

H&G fabricates all of its own tooling, hooks, jigs and fixtures. There is rarely an additional cost to our customer for this service.
Custom masking is essential at H&G. Threads, nuts, pems, critical tolerance areas, bearing surfaces and electrical grounding requirements are all documented and indicated on process sheets. All of H&G’s plugs, caps and fixtures are cleaned after each use to ensure no residue exists from the previous application.

h and g powder painting delivers


The convenience factor of a powder coater located nearby may seem obvious, however H&G servicing the 401 corridor from Quebec to Michigan offers more. Our shipping and receiving hours are from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, with tractor trailer and straight truck loading dock capabilities. Trucking available.
Typical turnaround times are 12-48 hours for standard colours. We pride ourselves in “just-in-time” delivery service.

cure testing

Cure Testing – M.E.K rub test is an industry approved test to ensure that our applied coatings are properly cured.
Conical Mandrel Test- The varying mandrel diameter ( 1/8 to 1.5 inches), stretches a coating through a gradient of distention allowing precise determination of adhesion characteristics ( standards ASTM D522, D1737)
Proper adhesion is also confirmed by Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing with is regularly administered as per ASTM D33J9.
It should be noted that laser cut material should be mechanically cleaned to remove any carbon deposits as these deposits will inhibit proper adhesion.
Impact Testing- H&G’s universal impact tester Model 172 provides a range of operating capabilities which meets or exceeds specification ASTM D2794.
Gloss Meter- The overall appearance of a product is influenced by colour and gloss. A sample of the same colour that has a higher gloss is perceived as being darker! H&G understands it is imperative to test for gloss, monitor oven temperatures and cure times ( meets ASTM D523, D2457)